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Cisco Meraki is the leader in cloud managed wireless, security, and switching. Meraki powers networks that simply work.  Cisco Meraki is one of the most trusted Cloud managed Wi-Fi solutions formed of switches, Wi-Fi Access Points and state of the art Endpoint Management solutions (Firewalls). One of the unique features of Cisco Meraki, that appeals to businesses all over the world, is the ability to easily manage your entire network via the Cloud-based dashboard.

Simple and Secure

For many large and small businesses today, the internet is wireless. Workforces access the internet through user-owned smartphones, iPads, laptops, and the company’s Wi-Fi connection. Consequently, it’s crucial to keep network access secure and avoid opening security holes or creating an undue support burden.

A viable option for the vast majority of businesses is the Cisco Meraki® Cloud IT solution that allows users to manage all of their network devices through one simple and secure platform.

Benefits of Cisco Meraki

Meraki’s value proposition comes from its robust management and security features. Advantages include:

  • Easily Managed: With the Meraki® cloud solution, you don’t need an in-house IT team to support it. Meraki® is managed via a cloud-based dashboard. The products are automatically updated with the latest features and firmware. It gives businesses the ability to deploy software and apps and perform remote, live troubleshooting on thousands of managed devices.
  • Scalable: Meraki® is a scalable networking tool that benefits businesses of all sizes. Meraki® enables you to manage users across vast, multi-location networks. It will grow with your company and adapt to your needs.
  • Built Specifically for the Cloud: Instead of retrofitting on-premise solutions for the cloud, Meraki® hardware was explicitly designed to be cloud-managed and cloud-delivered from day one, allowing for more effective cloud networking.
  • Accessible from Anywhere, Anytime: As businesses need to accommodate increasingly mobile workforces, the ability to access solutions from home or while on the go is crucial. No matter where in the world you are, if you can get on to the internet, you can log into the Meraki dashboard.
  • Multi-site capability with easy implementation.
  • Built-in intelligence and analytics.
  • All inclusive flexible licensing options.
  • Maximum security and uptime guarantee.
  • Centrally managed from any location.
Is Cisco Meraki The Solution For Your Business?

Is your network critical to your business? Do you need the highest network security level? If an outage occurs, will your customers be inconvenienced, or will business be halted completely? Does your IT staff have the skillset to address potential problems? These are factors to consider when deciding whether Meraki® is worth it for your organization.

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