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Whether you need data wiring for new construction or if your commercial business is relocating, Teson Solutions can handle every aspect of your structured cabling installation process. We specialize in network cabling, and the setup of network racks, patch panels and networking equipment. This is important for industrial settings where integrated networking is heavily relied on in both the office and on the factory floor. An often overlooked aspect of industrial and commercial low voltage cabling is the running of Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a or fibre wiring to places requiring it. Our team can install network wiring, including phone lines or VOIP (voice over internet protocol) throughout your building, giving you options related to internet connectivity.

Why Teson Solutions?

When comparing Ethernet cabling, not all businesses are the same. Thanks to the explosive growth in high bandwidth applications available today, the ability for your company to access the promised speeds of tomorrow that are to exceed 10 GIG will depend on the planning and flexibility of your cabling infrastructure. At Teson Solutions, we can custom design exactly what your company needs in order to stay current with the projected changes in technology.


Our goal is to provide a versatile framework within your industrial location or storefront that has the capabilities to support a wide variety of systems from network data protocols to VOIP. At Teson Solutions our structured cabling designs are flexible in order to reconfigure quickly and accommodate changes of user location and services. That is because every build we do is flexible to address these potential changes in your business.

Bringing It All Together

A Teson Solutions project is based upon twisted pair cabling, shielded or unshielded depending on the application, and fibre optics when appropriate. Improved twisted pair technology is now leading to substantially lower costs and improved network performance. Fibre optics technology is leading commercial businesses to immediate trans-continental data transfers and cleaner data transmission.


Wiring your building will determine the efficiency of your office for years to come. The quality of our products and service will impact the lifespan of lines, speed of communication and your network’s ability to change and grow over time. Our professional installers will consult with you throughout the entire process to ensure that the cabling project we complete for you is the right fit for now and for the future.

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Teson Solutions leads the industry in new commercial and retail data cabling installations. This includes broken, damaged or just outdated network cabling, telephone lines, fibre optic and Cat6 wire drops. Our customer base extends throughout the Greater Vancouver, Lower Mainland, Sea-To-Sky and Fraser Valley areas.

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