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An important addition to the security and productivity of your business is commercial and office security cameras. At Teson Solutions, we provide reliable options for your Greater Vancouver business surveillance.

Reasons Businesses Use Security Cameras

There are several good reasons to have your business equipped with security cameras.

Break And Enter

Burglary and vandalism result in a lot of unwanted extra costs for your business.

Employee/Competitor Disputes

A disgruntled neighbour or competitor can plot against you and your property. CCTV cameras can document anything they attempt to do.

Property Monitoring

Parking is vital real estate in today’s world and with the right system, you can monitor unauthorized vehicles parking in your lot.


Protect your inventory and supplies from employee or customer theft.

Employee Monitoring

Maximize productivity by tracking what your employees are doing with their time on the job.


Fight false liability claims and injuries from clients and employees.

Insurance Benefits

Receive insurance discounts by install security cameras in your commercial or office space.
Indoor Vs Outdoor Cameras

Indoor and outdoor security cameras look much the same but are very different in ways that are important to the life of the equipment. Outdoor cameras are made to sustain different weather and climate conditions and are made to adapt to different lighting situations. Outdoor cameras are also tamper-proof with a more robust and secure housing. Commercial and office security camera systems are often a combination of indoor and outdoor cameras.

Types Of Cameras

We’ll help you pick the best solution for your business


Analog cameras or CCTV are standard definition cameras. They generally use coax or UTP cable with BNC connector ends and record on a DVR. Modern HD Analog cameras can record up to 720p. Although the cost is lower for analog cameras, the technology is aging and as such we do not recommend them.


There are numerous residential wireless options for cameras. Although wireless technology has advanced, there is still a security risk present. Wireless cameras require a power source nearby in order for them to operate. This means that an intruder can easily unplug any encountered during a break-in. Wireless security cameras are also more likely to be hacked.


Internet Protocol or IP cameras are digital cameras that send data over a network. IP cameras record on an NVR and utilize Cat5e, Cat6 or fiber cabling. They also offer the highest available resolution and image quality. IP video is encrypted and secure which makes them the most reliable and secure option for your home. IP cameras can be integrated into your existing or future smart home with ease. We recommend IP cameras for your home.


PTZ cameras are for those who wish to have complete control of a camera. With PTZ cameras you can control the direction, tilt, pan and zoom remotely.
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All of the cameras we carry are viewable on your phone, tablet or computer with an easy-to-use app. View live, record and take snapshots of what your cameras see for peace of mind. Contact Teson Solutions today for your free quote on commercial security cameras by filling out our online Contact Form or by calling 604-828-7216.