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Fiber Optic Cabling

Teson Solutions is an industry leader in Canadian fiber optic cabling. Although the initial install of fiber cabling can be more expensive than traditional copper wire, the long-term benefits from fiber optics can result in substantial savings for your business.

What We Offer

There is a number of cabling systems we provide our fiber optic customers. They include single mode and multi-mode cabling. If you are unsure what type of fibre you should be using, multi-mode is often the choice for small to mid-sized buildings. Single mode is typically used to connect buildings because of the high performance it offers over longer distances. Speak with one of our fiber experts today to determine which is the best solution for your specific application.

We also provide indoor and outdoor (armoured/underground) cabling. There’s also plenum and riser cabling where the difference between the two – plenum (CMP) and riser (CMR) cabling – is the fire rating of each. Technical Safety BC requires specific air spaces to be FT6 rated. All of the work provided by Teson Solutions is to the highest of industry standards and pass all provincial inspections. Additionally, we provide fiber backbone cabling, fusion splicing for reduced cost and lower insertion loss.

Why Teson Solutions?

We have served hundreds of customers across Canada, providing services for data centers, server room design, Ethernet cabling, voice over internet protocol (VOIP), cross connects, backbone cabling and fiber optic cabling.

Fibre Optic Cabling Vs Data Cabling

There are many advantages to fibre optic cabling when compared to data cabling. They include:

Longer distance

Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a are all limited to a maximum of 328 feet (100m).  Single mode fiber can reach distances up to 200km.  Giving you longer options for connectivity.

Greater Bandwidth

Copper cabling uses electrons to transfer data.  Fiber uses photons to transfer data.  Because fiber uses light to transfer data instead of electrical pulses, it offers faster transmission and bandwidth.

Faster Speeds

Currently fiber optics offer the fastest speeds in broadband speeds.  The average packet travels at an average of 4.9 microseconds per kilometer.

Future Proof

As requirements for higher speeds increase, fiber optic cabling will eventually replace copper cabling.


Fiber optic cable is made of glass.  Because it uses light instead of electricity to transfer data, it is much more reliable than traditional copper copper cable.

Better Latency

Fiber cable offers less need for processing and repeating signals.   As a result fiber offers less latency.

Interference Resistance

Copper cabling can be susceptible to interference such as ground loops. Fiber optic is immune to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference because it transmits light data through glass.

Degradation Resistance

Fibre cables transmit light through glass. Glass is far more degradation resistant than copper.
Teson Solutions Works With You

We can provide you with the fiber optic cabling you need. Whether you are a home owner, a business owner or property developer we make sure you receive the correct size network for your specific needs. Our expert installers will first assess your needs and offer solutions based on their findings. Once work begins, we will be partnering with you throughout the complete process.

We Can Cable Just About Anything

We can wire old buildings, new construction and renovations with fibre optic cabling.  From small homes right on up to high rise buildings and commercial spaces. Our experienced crew are experts at what they do and specialize in this type of cabling service. When you need fiber optic cabling, contact us at Teson Solutions.

Contact Teson Solutions Today For Fibre Optic Cabling

We offer fiber optic termination, splicing, testing and certification including – but not limited to – ST – SC – LC and MTRJ connectors.
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