Teson Solutions – Office Audio/Video

Thanks to the advancements in technology, it has become possible for businesses to connect with other businesses around the world. At Teson Solutions we have been connecting Vancouver and BC businesses to the world with our professional office audio visual installs. Our years of experience and research have permitted us to uniquely design your office audio video to be attractive, functional and expandable when the need arises.


We provide several innovative options designed to capture the attention of your clients. Boardroom projectors and projector screens are a great way to display and share your visual presentations. We offer both pull down projector screens and fixed projector screens. Our HD projectors are clear and robust. Another powerful option for your boardroom or reception area is our high quality office and commercial TVs.


Video walls and distributed video are another great way to WOW your guests. Video Walls are made up of a number of screens that are arranged together to create a single giant image. This provides more functionality, higher resolution and interaction with your target audience.


The standard in any office these days is videotelephony or videophone technology. A face-to-face meeting can be the difference between success and failure and video conferencing solutions allow you to communicate with clients and colleagues as if they were in the same room as you. Our video conference installs can be stand alone or connected with your VOIP phone system.

Office Audio

Distributed audio throughout your office space can create a calming atmosphere for your guests as they wait or to motivate employees during their work day. Our in ceiling speakers are sleek and clean and provide clear and full music or announcements. Our audio distribution systems are wired back to central amplifiers, processors or an audio matrix switcher. Every designated zone in your office can be controlled individually via an in wall touch screen, mobile device or computer.

Office Wire and Cable

At Teson Solutions we specialize in low voltage system design and wiring. Audio cabling, video cabling including Ethernet, fibre and speaker should be pulled through ceilings, flooring and wall spaces to avoid picking up interference from surrounding electrical, plumbing or electronics in close proximity. Several municipalities including Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and Surrey require FT6 rated plenum cable to be run through any return air ceiling space. We are fully licensed and insured to operate in British Columbia. We take the time to go above and beyond Technical Safety BC regulations and are proud to have our jobs inspected and passed.

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Contact us today at Teson Solutions to discuss your office audio/video needs. For your free quote, fill out our online Contact Form and we will conduct and on-site assessment and provide you with options to achieve your goals. We will work with you to ensure that the install we do will not only be the right fit for your current needs, but will be able to grow as your requirements grow. Call us at Teson Solutions for details at 604-828-7216.