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Teson Solutions is your best choice for a low voltage, structured data cabling company to wire your home. Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 and fiber optic LAN cable installation are all standards in today’s newly built homes. We can provide full service wiring solutions for your existing space as well as complete network installations for new construction. From the pulling of the cables to getting them inspected to terminating patch panels and installing equipment and systems, Teson Solutions are with you from start to finish on any project.

Why Wire Your Home For Data And Voice Cabling?

There are several good reasons to have your home equipped with both data and voice cabling.
These are the most common situations that call for cabling solutions to make devices and systems operate more efficiently and more effectively.

Access Points

In large homes or those with construction materials that hamper signal travel, access points are vital. Cabling for wireless access points improve or expand wi-fi signal coverage throughout a home or property as a result.

Home Networking

A hard wired internet connection is a far more reliable solution for your computers and printers than wireless.

Security Cameras/Video Doorbells

Modern security cameras and video intercom devices work off internet protocol (IP). These types of cameras require data cables to permit them to operate over POE (power over Ethernet).

Media Data Transfer

Most of today’s audio visual devices, including amplifiers, televisions, Apple TV and Android boxes require network connections to transfer and receive data.

Home Automation

Smart home control systems connect all devices through networking cables.


Hard wired data connections are faster and offer greater security than WiFi connections.

Future Proof

Traditionally, coaxial cable has been used to provide homes with cable and internet from your internet and cable service provider. This type of cable is being phased out and will eventually become obsolete with Cat5e, Cat6 and fiber cables replacing it.

Attempting to save money by taking shortcuts will end up costing you more. Improper cabling can have a major impact on your home network. Our installers follow all industry standards and requirements to ensure your cabling is certified for the long term.

Not sure what residential cabling is right for you? Our consultants will meet with you and explain the difference between Cat5 and Cat6 cable, the importance of fiber and will determine what is needed to ensure your home is wired for your current lifestyle and can grow with your needs.

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For all your cabling needs, see Teson Solutions. We service customers in the Greater Vancouver , Lower Mainland, Sea-To-Sky  and Fraser Valley area. There is no job too big or too small.

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