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At Teson Solutions we provide the latest in home audio and video services. We also provide you with superior service, top quality products and fair pricing regardless of how big or small your job is.

Why Teson Solutions?

The backbone of your system is the cabling for your home audio and video equipment. We use the highest grade of speaker cable and select the correct gauge for your application. Yes, the right gauge makes a huge difference. We will also route your HDMI, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, coaxial and fibre video cables meeting and exceeding strict municipal and industry codes and standards. We do this to ensure that you do not experience interference from electrical and water lines. For residential audio/video wiring in new construction and older finished homes, contact us today at Teson Solutions.

Home Theater

Modern home theater, hi-fi and system integration installs create an atmosphere that transforms viewing television and movies into something that is even better than going to a theater. Ultra HD projectors and projection screens provide a clear, crisp picture for your 720p, 1080p, 4K and 5K video. With surround sound speakers filling your viewing space with realistic sound and subwoofers, you will be pulled into the center of the action.

Multi-Room AV

Distributed audio permits multiple in ceiling or on wall speakers throughout your home and property. They also can be individually controlled to play different music or audio in different zones you designate in and around your home. Keep it all tidy by having your cable boxes, video game and media players consolidated in a single media rack all in one room by using distributed video. Access all your media equipment from any TV anywhere in your home without the clutter of cables and devices. Teson Solutions are dealers of only the most reliable and current audio/video products available – featuring discount pricing.

Full Control

Take complete control of your home audio/video solutions with a single device via a phone, tablet, computer or remote. All of our systems are adaptable and provide for upgrades to your home integration. Let us help with the planning of your system for everything including speaker placement, room design and construction as all of these factors can impact the success and function of your home theater or multi-room audio video install.

Teson Solutions Works With You

We can provide you with the cabling you need. Whether you are just wiring a few speakers in your garage or you intend to fill your home with music and a home theater, we can make it happen. Our professional, qualified installers will assess your needs and provide you with options that will accomplish your goals efficiently and effectively. Plus, we work with you to meet the demands of your specific audio/video system. No two are alike and your system will be designed to fit your current and future needs.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today at Teson Solutions to discuss our home audio and video services. For your free quote just fill out our online Contact Form or call us direct at 604-828-7216.