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Vancouver and the Lower Mainland have trusted Teson Solutions to install their homes with security cameras for more than the past decade. The best time to wire for cameras is when you are either building or renovating a home. That’s because the walls are generally open and accessible. However, if you have an existing home and would like it to be wired for security cameras, that is also possible. At Teson Solutions we can wire your present home and there will be no cables or connectors visible when the job is complete.

Reasons To Have Home Security Cameras

There are several good reasons to have your home equipped with security cameras.


Visible security cameras often send a message to burglars and intruders that there is some form of surveillance. This is usually enough to cause them to go to a different property without security.


Evidence of a crime on your property such as a break-in, car theft or vandalism can assist police in finding and charging those responsible.


Families with children choose security cameras as a means to monitor when their children come home or leave for school or other activities. It also provides a way to watch them as they play in the yard.

Insurance Premiums

With professionally installed security cameras, you will save on your insurance as they will earn you a discount on your premium.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts between neighbours can be a nightmare. With security cameras you will be able to record evidence of vandalism or wrong doing that result from a neighbourhood issue.

Peace of Mind

Being able to keep track of activity on your property gives you control and allow you to relax knowing everything is being monitored.

Home surveillance technology has experienced steady advancements over the past few years. Here are a few examples you will want to consider for your system:

Day & Night Vision Cameras

Bullet and dome style cameras are usually mounted in areas where there is little or no evening lighting. At Teson Solutions all of our cameras offer day and night vision lenses so you can view with clarity what your cameras are seeing. You will also be able to access them any time on your mobile device or mounted monitor in your home.

You Get What You Pay For

There are many retailers that offer all-in-one box camera solutions. These combos are typically cheaply built and experience problems quickly. As they don’t use the latest in video surveillance technology, the quality is also impacted. We get calls from individuals who have purchased these sets online or from a big box store who are frustrated trying to install them or get them replaced.

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All of our cameras are viewable on your phone, tablet or computer via an easy-to-use app. View live, record and take snapshots of what your cameras see for peace of mind. For more information on residential security camera systems, and what would be best for your situation, contact us at Teson Solutions by either filling out our online Contact Form or phoning direct at 604-828-7216.