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What We Do

At Teson Solutions we are an industry leader in state of the art smart office automated control systems. This kind of system enables you to automate your office lighting, audio, climate control, blinds and security all from a single device. Our systems are designed in such a way that they can be operated on both Android and Apple platforms.

More On Office Automated Systems

With automated lighting control you will have the ability to automatically brighten or dim light levels based on the current lighting conditions. This type of automated system lets you turn lights off or on at pre-determined, programmed times of the day, with motion detection or at sunset and sunrise. Our low voltage LED lighting reduces your lighting install costs as well as your monthly energy bill. All equipment installed by Teson Solutions is high grade, high quality energy-efficient and cost-effective. We use the best quality materials on all of our installs throughout Greater Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, Sea-To-Sky and the Fraser Valley.


Control temperature levels by setting them and locking adjustments with automated climate control. Smart automation systems can offer you the means to adjust your heating or air conditioning throughout your office based on current levels, occupancy and conditions without you having to touch a dial. Additionally, you can receive real time information sent direct to your mobile device about how to save on energy costs. Our office automation audio packages can assist in setting the atmosphere for your business while giving you complete control with your handheld device.

How These Systems Help Business

Our smart office installs will help your business stay productive. Businesses often do not calculate the time and effort their employees take turning lights off and on, adjusting thermostats, closing or opening blinds or setting up a presentation room. Automated control systems do all this work for you so your colleagues can focus on their specific tasks which increases their productivity levels.

The Design Process

All of our office automation installs begin with an on site consultation. Our team will discuss your needs and examine your business location. After all the information is gathered, a complete report is created with options provided for your automated solution. Feedback, further information gathering and consultation will follow and once the system design is approved, our installers will begin to build your specific solution. There is no one-size-fits-all system and we can accommodate jobs of any size. The system you will end up with will find your current needs and will be able to meet the demands of your future needs if your business grows.

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Contact us today at Teson Solutions to find out more about how smart office solutions can assist you business in staying productive and cost effective. All our installers are fully licensed and insured. They are also kept current on advancements in new technology through ongoing educational opportunities. For a free quote on a smart office automated solution for your business, either fill out the online Contact Form or call Teson Solutions directly at 604-828-7216.