How Thermal Cameras Can Help Prevent The Spread Of Covid-19

Around the world, governments are responding to the unprecedented circumstances
related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.  Many government and healthcare authorities have provided guidance on the key symptoms associated with the disease. One of the key symptoms is an increased body temperature or fever.

Prior to any vaccine being available, the fight against COVID-19 is being led by the ability to detect symptoms and isolate people suspected of an infection. This is a combined effort between different key workers and technology applications.

Thermal cameras can play a part in this coordinated approach. These cameras provide thermal imaging for body temperature solutions which can quickly and accurately identify people with elevated body temperatures, one of the key symptoms of COVID-19.  These solutions can provide organizations with an additional layer of protection to their facility from increased exposure to the coronavirus.

Applications For Thermal Cameras

Due to the precise visibility enabled by detecting heat, industries have used thermal cameras for decades, predominantly by law enforcement and the military. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the technology saw an uptick in demand as a way to detect people with an elevated temperature in a fast, effective, and safe (contact-free) way.


In times of pandemic, many hospitals implement manual fever checks at the entrance; however, this puts staff at unnecessary risk of exposure. With administrators and staff already overwhelmed from high patient intake, many have deployed an automated thermal temperature measuring solution for a safer environment.


The technology effectively limits close contact and contributes to lowering the risk of cross-infection caused by contact. It also saves manpower and material resources, while guaranteeing efficient and discreet preliminary screening of all staff, students, and visitors. It can also screen up to 30 people per second, so it is suitable for areas with high traffic such as universities, campuses, and dormitories.


Although many businesses post signs asking for sick customers and employees to refrain from entering the premises, the reality is that some people will ignore it. However, with the thermal temperature solution, the camera will automatically detect and send an alert so the proper responder can react.


Temperature monitoring solutions can provide a time-efficient way to assess potential fevers of large groups of people without personal contact. This is ideal for deploying at employee entrances to mitigate risk of a potential sick worker from entering the building. It can also be deployed throughout the facility in the event that someone develops a fever during the workday.


Retailers can utilize the thermal temperature monitoring solution by deploying it at store entrances to alert staff if customer or employee temperature readings exceed the user-defined threshold. As a result, retailers can limit access to the store to only individuals who are below the threshold. Additionally, employees will feel confident that their workplace has implemented a safe environment and customers will feel safer shopping.

Casinos, Restaurants & Bars

The gaming and hospitality industry will also benefit from the deployment of thermal temperature monitoring devices at entrances / exits and throughout the facility. For a person with an elevated temperature, a visual alert is sent so that security personnel has a visual image of the person’s identity and can re-check their temperature.
Keep Your Employees & Customers Safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the life and livelihood of millions of people, not discriminating who is infected and who can recover. Viable measurement of human temperature is one method to help in the fight to stop the spread of the virus. Our Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution is an accurate, safe, and effective tool that once installed and implemented can detect elevated external temperature in various environments.

Thermal Temperature Stations

The Thermal Temperature Station offers a compact and easily deployed solution for monitoring human skin temperature. Install and implement the station to detect elevated skin temperature in environments such as hospitals, clinics, office buildings, and retail locations.

Accurate Temperature Monitoring

Portable Design With Multiple Mounting Options

Mask Detection

Non-Contact Scan To Reduce Cross-Infection

Quick Scanning Capability Prevents Congestion

Measure Temperature 1 to 6 Feet Away

Occupancy Control

Installing people counting cameras at both the entrances and exits of retail and commercial locations can provide a more accurate, on-going count of customers and staff.  To assist security personnel, headcounts can be translated onto monitors that will indicate current customers in a building as well as how many can enter
before capacity is reached. Red and green lights can then be used to indicate when more customers may
enter the designated area.

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