Teson Solutions – Networking And IT

At Teson Solutions we provide a wide range of Networking and IT services throughout Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.


Some of our services include the following:

Rack and Stack / Mounting and Install

Whether your needs call for a full server cabinet, 2 post rack or wall mount cabinet, we can install any of these. We begin with the cabling design, install the required rack, terminate patch panels, test the cables and install the rack and cable management infrastructure.

Our expert technicians are highly experienced in rack and stack deployments.  Our attention to detail triumphs during rack hardware and equipment assemblies.

Network Hardware Installs

Selecting the correct networking equipment is crucial to the speed and longevity of your network. We work with you to choose the appropriate switches, routers and WAPs. At Teson Solutions we use only high quality patch cables to activate your network.

Wireless Access Points (WAPs)

The success of your business depends on proper design and placement of your wireless network. If you need to improve your existing wifi or wire and install new access points (APs), we can assist with all of your network needs. We work directly with you to scan and determine the correct placement for your wireless access points. Also, we offer wireless site surveys to locate areas where you may experience signal or speed loss.


A network migration is the process of moving from existing hardware or software with minimal to no interruption. This can include network switches, routers, hubs, access points, dmarc’s and internet service providers (ISPs). Our installers have successfully migrated hundreds of different networks and can help with your project.

Data Centre Relocation

Data centre relocation is often an extremely detailed and fragile process. Incorrect procedures can result in not just a loss of data, but a loss of time and revenue. Data center relocation is the process of moving a data center to another room in an existing building, or to a completely new physical address. At Teson Solutions we are both precise and professional and are Vancouver’s top choice for high priority data center relocations.

Decommissioning Networking Equipment

When networking equipment reaches the end of its lifespan, gets updated or is no longer useful it requires decommissioning while protecting all systems. Our services include the removal of cables, hardware and equipment. Before recycling any network hardware we carefully destroy any internal data that may remain in order to protect the security of your data.

Cable Clean Up and Management

Have a messy, unorganized network rack? Unprofessional initial setups can result in an unattractive, unorganized rack. Even if the install was clean, over time patch cables and additional parts get added and become a mess of tangled cables. We offer cable clean up and management services that will leave you with a professional, organized and easy-to-access network rack. Clean patch panels and networking equipment can save you both time and money in IT. It can also eliminate mistakes made by un-patching the wrong cable by accident. We clearly identify every cable and clean your rack with little or no interruption in service to your daily business operation. For details, call us at Teson Solutions 604-828-7216 or fill out our online Contact Form.