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We Have Security Alarm Systems

Teson Solutions offers you monitored, wired, wireless and smart alarm systems that can be installed in new or existing homes. We can fully alarm your home so that when you are away, you have nothing to worry about. Doors and windows can be alarmed when you are at home and with a panic button on the alarm control keypad you can manually sound all sirens and notify authorities at the same time.

The Benefits of A Security Alarm

There are many advantages to having a security alarm and they include:
  • Protecting your home and family
  • Giving yourself peace of mind
  • Reducing home insurance rates
  • Detering criminal activity

Our qualified installers can provide you with the security system that best fits your needs. From home to business and commercial, the size of the job does not matter as we can install whatever is needed to keep your belongings secure and protected.

The Different Types of Security Alarm Systems

At Teson Solutions, we provide you with a choice of four different types of alarm systems. Here is a closer look at each of them:

Monitored Alarms

Monitored alarms are security systems that are actively monitored by a monitoring service. For example, when your alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to a central monitoring site where your local police station will be notified.

Wired Alarms

Wired security alarms are considered the most reliable and trusted of the systems available. In new and existing applications we wire all sensors, horns, contacts, and window breaks back to a central panel. All of the cables used are hidden behind walls and ceilings. At Teson Solutions we install the latest cables to give you flexibility to expand your system in the future.

Wireless Alarms

Wireless security alarm systems are available for spaces that are not possible to accommodate hardwires. Our wireless alarms are reliable and clean in appearance. They can also be of use to customers who are renting spaces and want to cause minimal damage to the walls. Wireless burglar alarms are another affordable alternative to running physical wire.

Smart Alarms

Smart security alarm systems are a popular choice for those who would prefer to monitor their own property. Smart alarms are accessible through an app on your phone. It gives you notifications when your home is armed, disarmed or is broken into. You can also use them to keep track of your children by offering them individual passwords where you will receive notifications when they are home or have left the premises.
Teson Solutions Works With You

If you are in need of a security alarm system, but don’t know which is best for your specific needs, we can help. We will assess your situation on-site and offer you options to consider. Our expert installers will work with you throughout the project to ensure that you receive the correct type of alarm system for your security needs.  Our security division works exclusively with alarms, security systems and app-based programs designed to keep your property secure and protected.

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We work with all home owners and developers to secure and arm Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Contact us today at Teson Solutions to find out more. Just fill in our online Contact Form or phone 604-828-7216.