Data Center Investments Surge 200% Since 2016, Expected to Grow 89% by 2028 Amid AI Boom (The Globe and Mail)

Since 2016, investment in data centre infrastructure has risen 200%, with a further 89% increase expected by 2028 as more opportunities emerge with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). According to Jones Lang LaSalle Inc.’s CEO Christian Ulbrich, data centers are “the hottest asset class at the moment.” Analysts at Technavio are projecting the global data center market to record an additional US$329.82 billion in growth at a CAGR of 12.73% through 2027.

Construction starts on googles new $600M data center

Google will be the third major tech company to build a facility in this Ohio suburb.  The new project will be built over 440 acres and is expected to be completed by 2021.  The cost is estimated at $600 million.

Facebook recently added 415 acres last month to their data farms.   Facebook first investment in New Albany data centers was in 2017.  Amazon spent $1.1 billion on facilities in central Ohio three years prior.